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FreshKnowledge — Semantic Content Management System

FreshKnowledge — Semantic Content Management System. This is software platform for web sites.

FreshKnowledge gives to content publishers wide possibilities to manage Web content on the level of its semantic. The philosophy of using of FreshKnowledge sCMS based on three components: professionalism, intelligence and effectiveness us result.

The architecture of FreshKnowledge content combines hierarchical data model and semantic net.
There are various Web sites works on this platform. FreshKnowledge is constantly being developed by team of SET Laboratory.

Web sites which works on the base of FreshKnowledge sCMS: FreshKnowledge sCMS is a project of SET Laboratory.
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FreshKnowledge Project latest news

Content filtering system developed. It uses content object construction to create special page features for filtering.
Improvement of tag/subject content taxonomy and navigation with use of multiple tag and sub-tag selection.

The tool for content objects construction was developed. It is in the process of beta-testing.

One of the main system improvements of the year is function of automatic building of personal information and learning Web-environment inside of wide Web-portal.

There was research in this year in area of creating inner ontology of Web-content.

This year brought many changes to FreshKnowledge. Some of them are below: Further development of application of Concept-Thesis Model. It includes Concept maps and semantic summaries, concept classes’ diversification.
Development of caching system.

The results of last research of SET Laboratory were implemented in wide updatings of the FreshKnowledge system. It includes such Tree-Net Model entities as Groups/Tags, Semantic Blocks. Also Concept-Thesis Model of semantic knowledge representation for information and educational web portals was implemented.

The idea of FreshTemplates technology is realized. Now content manager has possibility to create templates which been substituted at the place of its calling at the page code. Template calling is doing by this code: <*template(Name, [param1, param2 ...])*>. So text of template will be placed there and values of parameters will be put on the corresponding place.

New feature is added. Gallery function is added to the system. Now to show all previews of images from some folder you need to write this command <*gallery(FolderName)*> inside of the page text, "FolderName" is a name of folder with images situated in site's images folder. If you would that previews to be links to large images you just need put large images into child folder of gallery with name "zoom".

Creating of new level of content representation on the bases of subject sorting is started. This approach is based on the Tree-Net Data Model which is developed in the SET Laboratory.

Further application of Tree-Net Data Model for content management was done. Pages can take part in several subject groups. Groups are structured in hierarchy. System shows page’s groups under page header now. Technology of groups corresponds to content tagging technology.

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